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The Art of Aggregation

About Hertzian

Introducing Hertzian, an Artificial Intelligence company based in Cornwall. We specialise in using technology to make our customers day-to-day work tasks easier and quicker than ever before. We’re an ambitious, driven team who love nothing more than taking on an apparent ‘impossible’ project.

We’ve been very lucky to have been featured in a number of areas already including Forbes, the BBC & PBS. If you would like to feature Hertzian, or any one of the team here in an article then please contact us at

Garry Barter

Chief Executive Officer,


Andrew Husband

Chief Information Officer,


Christopher Weavil

Chief Operating Officer,


Evtim Gruev

Chief Technology Officer,


Our Partners

Falmouth University

Hertzian were part of the inaugural Launchpad programme at Falmouth University. The Launchpad’s aim is to help boost Cornwall’s economy through the development of sustainable high-growth digital businesses.

Imprimatur Capital

We are very proud to be supported by Imprimatur Capital. Their support has allowed Hertzian to take on the so-called ‘impossible’ challenges and allows us to build the technology that underlies all of our products. We are very excited to look to the future alongside Imprimatur Capital.

Location - Cornwall

Hertzian are committed to building, not only a sustainable, but high-growth technology business in Cornwall. The management team believe in the potential Cornwall has as one of the highest growing technology clusters in the UK and believe the company can help motivate young people looking to build something new and exciting outside of the UK’s main technology corridor.

Hertzian hope to act as an example to other companies in the area, building proprietary technology and working with customers around the world.

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