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Hertzian are an Artificial Intelligence company who specialise in using advanced technology to help brand owners identify strengths and weaknesses within their product. By analysing your customer and staff feedback through Hertzian’s own platform, you can gain a completely new insight into the way your audience view your brand.

How We Work

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Data Collection

We work closely with you to ensure the correct data is being collected for the end-analysis, ensuring it meets the quality needed to be able to pull out the desired insights. We are happy to work with our clients own data-sets or if they are required, we have the experience using data-mining techniques to analyse data from around the web.

We are well versed in big data solutions and work closely with a number of different solutions to offer fast, reliable access to millions of records of data. All safe, and secure.

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Accurate Insights

Our systems have been trained on millions of records of customer feedback, ensuring that our technology understands exactly how customers interact and leave comments on products. This allows our technology to have a higher accuracy level than other systems available in areas such as Key Phrase extraction and Sentiment Analysis.

We also work closely with you to discover if there is certain terminology that is unique to your industry and whether our system should be looking harder for this information or if it should be avoiding it. This ensures that even the most industry-specific terminology is detected and treated appropriately.

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Actionable Infographics

Throughout the development of any application we ensure that the end user interface fits your needs. This involves ensuring the application is easy to use for your team whilst ensuring the level of data being presented back is of sufficient detail.

Using our applications to show to key stakeholders in presentations, our Aggregation Overview features allow you to quickly get your message across, whilst features such as our Data Explorer gives you the ability to dive into the data in more detail when you have the time.


Hertzian's research report was hugely informative and has given us insight that would have taken weeks to uncover. The team was easy and positive to work with, quick to deliver and really know their stuff, we will definitely be going back for more.

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Player XP

Your player's perception is costing you money. Fix it!

Get direct feedback from your players as to what you should be changing or pushing to make your games more successful. Player XP is your go-to platform for helping you identify the changes that need to be made to ensure your public perception is as strong as it possibly can be. Identify the quick wins or address the long-term issues that have affected your sales, Player XP is your one-stop shop for monitoring and understanding how your players see your game.

Player XP is an extremely cost effective way for us to gather feedback from thousands of player reviews. It’s fascinating to look back over the history of our games’ updates and watch trends emerging

Stuart Maine, Exient Leamington
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